We are very proud to introduce you to our Ayurvedic health facility in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. As one of our aims at the Bhaktivedanta Ayurvedic Center & resorts, we strive to restore a natural balance of the body, mind and spirit to the individual. Ayurveda focuses on living in tune with nature. Its principles are universal. By connecting mind, body and soul, Ayurveda strives to improve harmony and happiness in an individual.

The Ayurvedic Resort is an effort to bring genuine Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation to you by a family experienced in the Ayurvedic & Yogic tradition for three generations. Every guest receives personal care and attention by the owners everyday.

Its high time for us to unite and think of an Ayurvedic center and a resort where our people can meditate and at the same time they can get Ayurvedic treatment in a spiritual atmosphere.

Why Our Bhaktivedanta Ayurvedic Center differ from others?

Here all the guests who comes for their treatment will feel a homily atmosphere where they can attend all Aarathis before the deities of almighty Lord Jagannath, they can get three times prasadam offered to Lord Jagannath.

Quality wise everyone will be offered a first class Ayurvedic treatment 100% pure which is available in Kerala and consultation with a most experienced Ayurvedic Physician and trained therapists.

Excellent rooms are available for the convenience of the devotees. Internet access will be available 24hrs.

We will ensure you better care and effective treatment.

Cost wise we are offering a much discounted rate for all the devotees, which will be really affordable.

Thulsi Garden Iskcon Music, Pure Cow milk from our Ghoshala will be served.

Dharsan to Lord Phadmanabha Swami will be arranged and offering a Tour package which will cover 6 Divya Deshams out of 108 Deshams in India(Guruvayoor,Jannardhana Swami,Thrikkarai Vamanamoorthi, Lord Lakshmana) and to Kanyakumari.

Bath in the sea, Holly River Pambha will be arranged.

Consultation with Kerala’s best astrologer will be arranged.

Consultation with very rare Nadi Ayurvedic Physician & Yoga Class will on everyday basis.

Forest ride and special tribal treatment.

One night in a house boat if needed.

Excursion to old palaces and forts.

One night stay in a hill station.

Special pass to see Kathakalii and to Kerala’s traditional dances. Our treatment will be with panchagavya products (products from cow’s extract) also.